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  Living The Dream...
  Wendy initially became involved in training and caring for dogs when she was just 9 years old ! 
Her first dog was a 'Sheltie' Collie named 'Bobby'. He was her ticket into her beloved world of canines, something which would consume the rest of her life, totally. By the time she was 14, and after 5 years of intensive training at a doggy centre in Stockport, Wendy was included in a team which was to put on a display of Dog Obedience', staged at the world famous Crufts in London's Olympia Exhibition Centre.
  By this time the mould was set. She invested all her spare time in the study of dogs. She is a qualified canine nutritionalist, Wendy has numerous C.C.'s etc for the championship animals she has both caree for, trained,  bred & shown over the past 30+ years. She studied genetics and breeding in an attempt to improve the standards of all the animals in her care. She is, has, and always will be, totally dedicated to her canine companions.
  After we retired to Andalucia in 2003, the lifelong dream of living in the Mediterranean and breeding German Shepherds and her beloved English Cocker Spaniels began to take shape. 
We built kennels and a secure dog training arena for canine agility and obedience. 
At the moment we have Two German Shepherds and Two Border Collies.  All are groomed, fed, trained and exercised every single day, quite a task but one Wendy enjoys  immensely. It is nothing less than awe inspiring to see Wendy with her dogs, she communicates with them in a way others can only imagine, but for her it is second nature. 
Every dog, including clients dogs, respond to her in an instinctive way. This has truly to be seen to be believed. 
It is a unique talent that Wendy has, one she uses to the dog's advantage, in gaining understanding and trust. She displays infinite patience and encouragement to both clients and their dogs. 
This is why all her 'doggy' companions and friends love Wendy so much.

A Thank-You bouquet of flowers for Wendy from APA Nerja, for organising their Charity Shows in Nerja, 2015 & 2016

Wendy, organising The Costa Animal Society Shows.
Her skills & efforts resulted in Wendy raising 2,601.52€ for the charity
and presenting them with a cheque for that amount.

Obedience Group At Nerja. 

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