The Dog Academy

Canine Training That Works - For You !!!

Basic Obedience focuses on the routine at home.
The course includes six (6) dog training lessons.
We will teach you how to make each command you learn useful in your everyday life.

We will ask you to set aside extra time each day to practice what you have learned, we also ask that you put your new dog training skills to use at ALL TIMES. 

Basic Needs:
Dog Treat Bag & his favourite Dog Treats
Correctly Fitted Collar.
6 ft. Standard Lead (Not an Extendable Lead)
All of our course are tailoured to fit yours and your dogs needs. 

Beginners Course

Week 1: Always a Loose Lead & Walking To Heel 

We will discuss choosing the right collar to walk your dog with and 

demonstrate clearly how to walk your dog, and prevent him pulling you.

Week 2: Listen To Me and Leave It 

Learn how to get your dog to make eye contact when you need their attention. 

Teach your dog the act of walking away from distractions by learning "Leave It."

Week 3: Sit and Stay

Not only will we teach you how to achieve the 'Sit' command, 

we will also make those commands useful for you. 

Week 4: Down

Teach your dog to lay down on command and how to use

 it to get your dog to settle down when needed. 

Week 5: Come followed by 'Fetch' Commands

Achieve a good recall command initially, then move on

to 'Fetch, teaching your dog to bring a ball back 

to you upon your command. 

Week 6:  Multiple Distractions

Put your dog training skills to the test by practicing

 everything you have learned in a high distraction environment.